4LED has been a member of KNX România Association since 2016

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4LED has been a member of KNX România Association since 2016

KNX promotes technical innovation.

KNX is a decentralized system of microprocessors with interlinked communication, without any intervention from a supervisor equipment. It has a type-BUS communication, and the equipment is interlinked by two-wire twisted pairs cable (referred to as bus cable). A pair of wires are used for data communication between the equipment and the equipment power supply, while the second pair is for auxiliary voltages.

The equipment of the KNX system are of different types: binary or analogue input and binary or analogue outputs, tasterers, temperature switches, servo drives for valves actuators, logic modules, controllers, power supplies and communication controllers. Each equipment has a physical address, and is identified by a unique address. The structure of the physical address enables the accurate placement of any equipment to be located within the structure of the system.

Globally independent organisation

KNX is developed and managed by the Konnex Association, and is independent of the hardware platform, it includes a full range of available transmission media (TP, PL, RF si IP) and may be controlled both by PC and 8 bits micro-controllers.

Millions of KNX installations are spread across Europe, Far East, North America and South America. Over 370 companies, members of KNX, offer more than 7,000 products certified by KNX.

KNX technology may be implemented on any platform-processor, and may not only be used in new buildings, but also in existing buildings.