Commercial LED lighting

Spotlighting the products

It is perfectly achieved by LED lighting: a diffused light faithfully presents the shapes, while a directional light highlights the details.

Excellent colour rendering gives a natural look, especially to fresh products.

Lighting scenes may be achieved for any situation, to increase the confidence of the customers and to stimulate their decision to buy.

Friendly atmosphere

The correct lighting enhances the clients’ shopping experience.

A pleasant environment, whether in a waiting area or in a store with heavy traffic creates a feeling of well-being in the customers.

The customers are encouraged to be open and communicative, and the positive emotions of a pleasant shopping experience will make them come back.

Case study:

PROFI Romania

Lighted area: 300 stores at national level.
Customers’ requirements: Appropriate lighting for different commercial spaces inside the supermarkets.
Working method: Based on the simulations agreed by the client, which comply with the European standards and recommendations. Calculations of profitability and return on investment.
Types of spaces: Aisles between shelves; special areas for refrigerators, vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, bread; the area of the cash desks; entrance & exit; emergency exits.

Products: Modium linear luminaire, Arya panel, Vero spot lighting, Orion emergency lamp.

Light was vital for creating a personalized and unified atmosphere throughout the network of over 200 offices of Stihl România. 4LED provided us advice in relation to the lighting systems design; it supported us to design and to produce an customised tracklight for Stihl; and they have been an indispensable partner throughout the whole project.

Ioan Mezei

General Director, Stihl România

Commercial LED lighting projects

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