LED lighting 
for special projects

Adaptability and flexibility

Sometimes, the situation “in the field” presents challenges beyond the actual LED lighting.

Whether we are talking about the shape of the space, or a configuration / design / positioning that should be kept identical – 4LED carries out multiple simulations to find the right constructive solution that adapts to the conditions and spaces that should be kept identical to the original.

Creativity and impeccable execution

4LED uses some LED luminaires (e.g., Strip) to obtain creative lighting systems or luminous ornaments (for example, luminous scenery at the Opera house).

Alternatively, the standard LED light fittings are used creatively (for example, architectural lighting).

In any situations, our team of designers will find a right creative solution to meet your requirements.

Case study:

Aula Magna, UVT Timișoara

Lighted area: Multifunctional hall, 400 m2.
Customer’s requirements: Multifunctional lighting solution for multiple events, aiming at solving the major deficiencies in the existing lighting system.
Working method: Based on the simulations agreed by the client, which comply with the European standards and recommendations.
Types of spaces: Multifunctional hall with a capacity for 500 people requiring a 0-100 % adjustment of the light intensity, integrally or on predefined areas.

Products: Pandia Dali linear luminaires, aluminium profiles with LED strip, control system with KNX touchpad, Orion emergency lamps.

Aula Magna of Universitatea de Vest Timișoara is one of the remarkable locations of the city. Therefore, any new lighting solution had to preserve the existing architectural elements. 4LED has succeeded to bring Aula Magna up-to-date and preserved its spirit after many simulations and using inovative technologies to adjust the light.
Laurențiu Georgescu

General Administrative Director, Universitatea de Vest Timișoara

Special LED lighting projects

– Nako castle
– Romanian Opera House of Timișoara, for the performance “Norma”
– Aula Magna of Universitatea de Vest Timișoara

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