Iluminat LED medical

Health standards

Medical facilities require high germ resistance and easy to clean lighting systems.

Due to their clean room compatibility and an increased protection against dust, liquids and chemicals, but also due to reduced maintenance, the LED luminaires are the ideal choice for medical applications.

Quality of light

It is given by performance and visual comfort.

The light should be adapted to any situation, rendering a perfect colour, without shadows and reflections – very important criteria especially in surgical applications.

Low-brightness LED fittings protect healthcare professionals and the patients and create a feeling of well-being.

Case study:

Dr. Munteanu Clinic:

Lighted area: 1.500 m2
Customer’s requirements: Sustainable lighting under strict hygiene standards, adapted to a modern clinic.
Working method: Based on the simulations agreed by the client, which comply with the European standards and recommendations. Calculations of profitability and return on investment.
Types of spaces:Reception, outpatient waiting rooms, consulting rooms, pre- and post-operating rooms, operating theatres, office spaces, meeting rooms, escape routes, outdoor parking, access areas to the building.

Products: Flush-mounted Quadro Clip panel, Clean Room panel particularly used for medical LED lighting, emergency lamp and Mobility hydrant, Artume flush-mounted linear luminaire.

4LED has implemented LED lighting solutions complying with the strictest hygiene standards for operating theatres, consulting rooms and patients’ rooms. The luminaires are perfectly watertight and easy to clean, and the quality of the light is very close to natural daylight, which contributes to the patients’ and the healthcare professionals’ comfort.
Dr. Mihnea Munteanu

Project Developer, "Dr. Munteanu" Ophthalmology Clinic

Medical LED lighting projects

– Dr. Munteanu Ophthalmology Clinic
– Novaci City Hospital
– Jebel Psychiatric Hospital
– Oncohelp Hospital

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