Modium: a smart investment for commercial LED lighting

October 2019LED technology

Modium: optimum combination of consumption (-), maintenance (-), brightness (+)

Technical data

The 16 A maximum current, and the 130 lm/W luminous flux lead to low energy consumption.

The power supply, the light control and the connection to the emergency lighting are integrated in a multi-functional channel. The system has 3 node connectors , X, T and L, which may combine the components, without using other tools.

With a full compatible modular kit, a colour temperature of 3000 K, 4000 K and 6000 K, Modium luminaires adapt to any commercial or industrial space. These systems have a number of types that differentiate them from each other by their length and energy power (595 mm – 18 W/20 W/32 W or 1478 mm – 45 W/65 W/80 W).